[Fundraiser!] Help Send Flip2020 to Political Street Theater Training at Bread and Puppet

Getting the attention of voters is not an easy task these days. It’s particularly hard in a swing state like Maine where over $160 million Republican and Democrat dollars have poured in to paint the airwaves, phone lines, and social media feeds with partisan slogans. This gives us at Flip2020 a unique task to rise above the noise and find ways to capture attention that is already scarce.

While we’re already quite a crafty bunch (this week, we recorded a music video for an original song about Ranked Choice Voting), we’re always seeking more tricks to help us reach people here in Maine and to support our political activism work for years to come. That is why we are incredibly excited by the opportunity to do a street theater + puppet training and collaboration with the world renowned, Bread & Puppet Theater.

Donate to our Facebook fundraiser now to send us to Bread & Puppet

Bread & Puppet is one of the oldest, nonprofit, self-supporting theatrical companies in the country. They perform an exhilarating form of street theater which uses huge paper-maché puppets, colorful banners, caricature costumes and chanting with the audience to transform any street into a theater stage. They also have a strong political activism background.

We need $2,000 to cover the 7-hour training and transportation for our crew of 10 to stay with Bread & Puppet on their farm in Glover, Vermont. If 20 people donated $100, we would quickly hit our goal and equip this energized group with a new set of skills to make change in this country.

Donate to the Facebook fundraiser from Cara in our crew to send us to Bread & Puppet. Thank you so much for your support.

Members of our crew performing the chorus of “Ranked Choice Voting,” an original song coming soon!
In the mock election, the Baby candidate took to the ground to make his voice heard.

Published by Cara Harshman

Cara writes, designs, organizes, activates groups, and occasionally leads Jazzercise.

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