There are ways you can help, without leaving home and with only a small time commitment.  Before our canvassers go to work, we need to find the right place to go, find places for our canvassers to stay, connect with Senate campaigns, and raise funds.  Please look at the following 4 different teams which support this effort and see if any might be the right one for you.

Contact us at Flip2020Project@gmail.com or through our contact form


The fundraising team does outreach to both individual donors as well as organized groups, working to raise money and cover our costs.  If you or someone you know would like to financially support the Flip Project, please visit our Donate page.



The data and analysis team figures out where we should send canvassers by compiling data on the Senate seats up for grabs, contacting campaigns, and researching down-ballot races and initiatives we might support in those areas. 


The logistics and networking team does networking and outreach to find affordable housing, welcoming political contacts, and discovering paid canvass positions in selected states.

Canvassing Team

The canvass team will go to the selected state and do COVID-19 appropriate get out the vote techniques, including voter registration and absentee or mail-in ballot logistics, as well as street theater and public tabling.  Some of the team will also work as house managers, helping to support these efforts through child-care, cooking, shopping, and other tasks to support the canvass team.

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