Updates and Upcoming

The Flip 2020 team in Maine has been busy with actions everyday.  We have hung large banners over highways, spoken at BLM rallies, attended RGB vigils and handed out commemorative artwork with voting info the reverse, scouted action sites and farmers markets, clipboarded and tabled parks, networked with numerous Maine groups and invited them to our future events, met several times with US Senate candidate Lisa Savage as well as supporting her staff, and raised a fair amount of money, tho we are still certainly short our needs for the project.  More of the team arrives over the next week.  We will be 10 adults (possibly 11) on Oct 3.

And what we are going to do is even more important and with higher impact.

Saturday night we are going to the BLM Maine organized rally sparked by the injustice of Louisville police not being held accountable for the murder of Breonna Taylor.  We plan to distribute a memorabilia original artwork piece of the ER technician.   We are developing a POC lead de-escalation training for BLM activists in Maine.

We are bringing in equipment for banners to be strung on bike trailers so we can do bike parades. We are doing a video of most of the Flip staff walking and interviewing with candidate Lisa Savage and her top staff on the beach.  

We have been asked by the Savage campaign to design appropriate street theater to be performed October 9th in front of marijuana dispensaries in the state.  Recreational marijuana use has been legal in Maine since January 2017, but this will be the first day that sale is legal by state licensed stores.  It’s likely there will be lines, and we’ll be doing actions in those locations.

We are organizing a Circus and Chat event in the main square in Portland on 10/10/2020.  The circus part will include different skits from different performers in the group and talent we have drawn from Maine.  It is a kid friendly event which is designed to draw a crowd.   We will likely have the local Ideal Maine Band to perform as well as a few speakers including Senate candidate Lisa Savage and Progressive Party VP candidate Dawn Neptune Adams.  After the circus and speakers we are inviting the crowd to a community conversation.

Click here to read our full newsletter with more detailed information on the actions we’ve done, the actions we’re planning, fundraising updates, election analysis, and more. 

Spencer’s RBG artwork

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