Cure Votes in Georgia, Today

Vote curing is the lowest hanging and tastiest fruit if you want to do something to help end Republican control of the Senate. Winning the Jan 5 runoffs in Georgia is the only way we will be able to start to undo Trump’s savaging of our democracy, and the voter suppression which will continue toContinue reading “Cure Votes in Georgia, Today”

Trees, Trucks, Murals, and Billboards, Oh my!

This project has been occasionally described as a controlled crash.  We knew precious little when we arrived, we know a lot now, and a bit like an octopus we are tangled in a bunch of things.  We’re working with both the Ossoff and Warnock Senate campaigns as well as several independent groups,  some of whomContinue reading “Trees, Trucks, Murals, and Billboards, Oh my!”

The same old voter suppression song, and new remix

It took a tremendous political effort to remove Trump as president.  And while it is comforting to think Trumpism will pass with the residence change on January 20th, there are many signs that some of the most dangerous ideas will linger on. This is a trivial part of the voter suppression effort which is goingContinue reading “The same old voter suppression song, and new remix”

Madness is not a unifying strategy

The Trump administration, which continues to assert that Mexico will pay for the border wall, may be finding the limitations of madness as a political strategy.  Trump spoke to a good-sized crowd at a tiny airport in Georgia near the Florida border.  The purpose of the rally was to support the two Republican senators runningContinue reading “Madness is not a unifying strategy”

Georgia Air Team – How you can help from home

You have likely seen people from across the country asking on social media what they can do to help the Georgia senate runoff elections.  The most frequent answer is “Phone Bank and Donate!” The Flip 2020 project is dedicated to a more varied (and we believe more effective) set of responses to this question.  Specifically,Continue reading “Georgia Air Team – How you can help from home”

6 weeks down, 5 days left to Flip the Senate

In the six weeks since the Flip 2020 team arrived in Maine we’ve done at least one action every day, and it’s been a while since our last update post on those actions.  Street performers, political activists and musicians have teamed up to do dozens of different types of actions, from the mundane to theContinue reading “6 weeks down, 5 days left to Flip the Senate”

Why Maine? Part 2: Ranked Choice Voting

This post is part 2 answering the question, Why Maine? Why did Flip2020 select Maine out of all the senate swing states? In part 1, we look at Why Maine (Read part 1 here). In this post, we explore the second half of that answer: ranked choice voting. The Flip 2020 project team has unanimouslyContinue reading “Why Maine? Part 2: Ranked Choice Voting”