Georgia Air Game

You have likely seen people from across the country asking on social media what they can do to help the Georgia senate runoff elections.  The most frequent answer is “Phone Bank and Donate!”

The Flip Project is dedicated to a more varied (and we believe more effective) set of responses to this question, and we want you to be part of an expanded Air Game. The Air Team is currently supporting the clerical work, outreach, and analysis of the Georgia race.  If you’d like to be part of our air game efforts, please get in touch with our Contact Form or by emailing us at

Student focused efforts

  1. Look up contact info of high school administrators in dem-friendly towns and counties (already underway)
  2. Find out which GA colleges will have in person classes after Thanksgiving, or currently have their dorms open so we know where to put up physical posters. 
  3. Search for contacts at aligned college clubs–Dem Club, Sunrise Movement, Reproductive Rights, etc
  4. Search for student leaders–student body president, or those with large followings. 
  5. Search for Hispanic influencers in GA to send the Spanish posters out to. 
  6. Look up newspaper articles about the youth vote, or that feature students at a given school, and take note of the names of the students interviewed. Find them on social media.   
  7. Search acronyms for schools on Tiktok and IG to find influencers. DM them the poster and ask if they will share it.
  8. Search for people who work for youth vote organizations, like RocktheVote, the Civics Center, New GA Project, and follow them on social media. Try to get the posters shared by them.
  9. Search “Georgia” and related words on Twitter regularly and comment with the posters on well-followed posts, like Midas Touch advertisements, newspaper articles, etc.
  10. Search through FB groups for key words like “college” and then tag the people with college connections under the college poster. 

General Research and promotion: 

  1. Fill in spreadsheet of relevant FB pages (already started)
  2. Follow FB pages to see which participants are the most active and could be allied with, and noting and connecting people with common interests, i.e. talking to suburban women, red county dems, etc.. 
  3. Research key players on the ground, by filling in names and social media handles of staff people in the campaigns and grassroots orgs (already started)
  4. Search hashtags related to the race on IG and connect with the frequent posters, commenting on others’ posts with the info we feel needs to be promoted. 
  5. Look up GA artists and invite to FB Group
  6. Look up radio station call-in shows in GA with times and phone numbers
  7. Help us fill in a list of GA newspapers that local people can write op-eds to (already started).
  8. Respond to email requests for a printable version of the poster (we will give you access to the account)  
  9. Follow campaign volunteer announcements such as canvassing and repost on the Facebook pages
  10. Searching for memes for the “meme library” 
  11. Searching for articles, interviews with the candidates, and other media resources.
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