How Trump Might Win and Why the Polls are Wrong

The polls look good for the Biden/Harris ticket right now. The president’s poor handling of the pandemic, the resulting economic collapse and his poor performance of the first debate have resulted in a number of declines in key battleground states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden has been very consistent in his widening leadContinue reading “How Trump Might Win and Why the Polls are Wrong”

[Fundraiser!] Help Send Flip2020 to Political Street Theater Training at Bread and Puppet

Getting the attention of voters is not an easy task these days. It’s particularly hard in a swing state like Maine where over $160 million Republican and Democrat dollars have poured in to paint the airwaves, phone lines, and social media feeds with partisan slogans. This gives us at Flip2020 a unique task to riseContinue reading “[Fundraiser!] Help Send Flip2020 to Political Street Theater Training at Bread and Puppet”

Updates and Upcoming

The Flip 2020 team in Maine has been busy with actions everyday.  We have hung large banners over highways, spoken at BLM rallies, attended RGB vigils and handed out commemorative artwork with voting info the reverse, scouted action sites and farmers markets, clipboarded and tabled parks, networked with numerous Maine groups and invited them toContinue reading “Updates and Upcoming”

All Eyes on Georgia

An earlier version of this blog post was posted on, and has been edited and expanded for publication here. Usually in tight presidential elections, the focus is on Florida.  More polls are taken there, more rallies are held there, more money is spent on advertisements there than almost any other state.  Rich with electoralContinue reading “All Eyes on Georgia”