Cure Votes in Georgia, Today

Vote curing is the lowest hanging and tastiest fruit if you want to do something to help end Republican control of the Senate. Winning the Jan 5 runoffs in Georgia is the only way we will be able to start to undo Trump’s savaging of our democracy, and the voter suppression which will continue toContinue reading “Cure Votes in Georgia, Today”

Trees, Trucks, Murals, and Billboards, Oh my!

This project has been occasionally described as a controlled crash.  We knew precious little when we arrived, we know a lot now, and a bit like an octopus we are tangled in a bunch of things.  We’re working with both the Ossoff and Warnock Senate campaigns as well as several independent groups,  some of whomContinue reading “Trees, Trucks, Murals, and Billboards, Oh my!”

All Eyes on Georgia

An earlier version of this blog post was posted on, and has been edited and expanded for publication here. Usually in tight presidential elections, the focus is on Florida.  More polls are taken there, more rallies are held there, more money is spent on advertisements there than almost any other state.  Rich with electoralContinue reading “All Eyes on Georgia”